Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of questions that I am frequently asked during the booking process.

You’ll get brownie points for already knowing the answer to your own question.

Remember screening begins from the first message, so do yourself a favour, read my FAQ’s before reaching out.

I have a number of options available to verify/screen clients. Options include:

  • Escort reference – simply provide me with a link to a workers website/profile that you have met previously and I will contact them for a reference
  • Business Card + selfie
  • Drivers license with todays date written on piece of paper next to it.

After I have received your screening information, I like to have a quick phone call to further verify you and find out exactly what it is you’re looking for. 

I find the phone call helps to ease any nerves, for both you & me. 

Yes! I require screening from every single new client. This enables me to feel safe. 

If screening is an issue for you, please see another provider. 

Absolutely nothing! It will be seen by my eyes and my eyes only. It is only required for safety purposes and will be deleted from my possession at the end of our booking. 

If you are still very concerned about your privacy you are welcome to black out your personal address.

However, outcalls to private residence require proof of address so blacking out address would not be applicable.

Yes! I require a non-refundable deposit to secure all bookings.

Deposit amount is $200 per hour booked. 

E.g. 2 hours PSE date = $400 deposit.

Please note deposit amount for longer dates is 50%.

I spend a lot of time and energy getting ready for our dates, a deposit gives me the peace of mind that the booking will go ahead, and I will not have my time wasted.

I have a multiple anonymous and discreet payment options available, such as Beem It, PayID transfer to email, Bank deposit (CBA) or Gift Voucher of my choosing.

YES YES YES! So many discreet options 🙂 

I accept deposits paid via Beem It, CBA Cash Deposit ATM, transfer via PayID (discreet Business name) & giftcards!

You’ve probably seen a lot of sex workers advertise they accept deposits via Beem It; and thats because it is instant & discreet. Simply enter in the username (mine is MillyMoore) & the amount and it is paid into their bank account IMMEDIATELY! 

It is a super handy app to have for regular life, and trust me you’ll get browny points for having this downloaded and ready to go when a SW requests a deposit.

Click here to read more info about Beem It & download the app.

PayID is another way to transfer money within any banking app. Instead of requiring a BSB & Account number, you pay using the recipients mobile number or an email address. 

If your financial institution utilises OSKO the payment will be received instantly.

Please note I require the deposit to clear into my account prior to the booking, so if your bank does not utilise OSKO and the payment is not instant you will need to utilise another instant deposit method. 

Read more about PayID here.

I accept gift cards from lots of different places. I will provide a list & links below that will make it very easy for you to purchase 😘

Please note, this option is only available for small deposit amounts and only ever at my discretion.

David Jones – click here
Uber – click here 
Adairs – click here
Lululemon – click here
Kookai – click here

MIN. Deposit amount is always $200, email for eGift Cards is hello@millymoorexo.com

Yes I do. 

All deposits are non-refundable.

However, I understand sometimes things happen, so for regular clients (have booked me 2 + times) if given 48 hours’ notice the booking can be changed to another date. Repeat changes will not be tolerated.

On the rare occasion I must cancel our booking and re-scheduling is not suitable I will refund the deposit in full.

Please read my terms & conditions page for more information.

I am a touring escort ONLY. 
This means I am only available when I have tours advertised. 

My working hours are from 8am – 10pm. However, with advanced notice I can accommodate outside of these hours.

Pre-bookings essential!

I am rarely available for last minute bookings. But if I am, I will require a minimum of 2 hours notice. 

I accept booking requests via TXT or email only. Although TXT is preferred.

You will find all of my contact details, aswell as an easy to fill in booking form here.

Communication is lubrication, so please put some effort into your first message. Introduce yourself, let me know the date and time you’d like to book in, the service (GFE/PSE), length of booking & if incall or outcall. 


Hi Milly, my name is [YOUR NAME], I hope you’re well. I would like to organise a date for the [DATE] at [TIME], [GFE/PSE] service, for [LENGTH OF BOOKING] for [INCALL/OUTCALL]. Thanks xx

Messages like this TURN ME ON. 

Messages like “Hi”, “babe”, “Are you avail now?” “???” TURN ME OFF and are often ignored. 

So put some effort in, first impressions count 😘

I prefer all of our communication to be in writing. This allows for clear communication and allows me to respond when I have the time. 

I am more than happy to have a quick phone call after you have requested a date with me and provided your screening information. In fact, the brief phone call is mandatory for all new clients. So if you’d like to speak to me, arrange a date first. 

If you decide to call me despite my ads & website clearly stating I do not accept phone calls I am unlikely to see you. It signals you have not read my ads or website, or are simply ignoring my preferred contact method and that is not cool.

Please respect me and just send a cute text.

YES! I politely ask all clients to shower on arrival. This ensures your hygiene is at its best and will make our experience much more pleasant for me.

When showering ensure foreskin is pulled right back (if you have) and washed twice with soap. 

Clients who fail to shower correctly will be asked to shower again. So please save the awkward moment and just do it right the first time 🤩

No. The booking starts from the moment we meet.

Though please do not rush getting squeeky clean, make sure pay extra attention to the areas you’d like me to lick. 

Well Sir, is your identity really that special that you can’t provide to some body you want to put your penis inside? 

Do you react the same way when you enter a nightclub or bar? I’m sure if you refused to provide ID to security and refused the cover charge you wouldn’t be let inside either. 

I am a professional and this is my job, I don’t care about where you live or your full name. Its purely to enable me to feel a little bit safer and assured our date will go ahead. 

If this is such an issue for you, please contact another provider.

Ofcourse! 😍 Who doesn’t love to spoiled?! However this is not at all an expectation, our time together is the best gift of all. 

But if you would like to, why not grab something from my wishlist? Click here to check it out 😘


My favourite dates are ones that have social time first. 

I have so many different options with social time first. 

Dinner Dates are probably my fav! I am such a foodie, or perhaps more notably food obsessed hehe.

There are so many amazing restaurants I still need to try.. Why not take me out? 

Let our excitement build course by course, bite by bite. Watch me do a cute happy dance every time a new dish arrives. 

If you’re unsure of where to go, don’t sweat it. I am more than happy to plan a wonderful evening for us. 

I love anything that is meant to be shared the pressure of choosing just one meal gives me anxiety 😰 Japanese, modern Australian & tapas restaurants are my fav.

Places I would love to visit:

Saké, Kisumé, Lucy Lui, Chin Chin, Nobu, Embla, Hazel, Coda, Florentino, Matilda

Or better yet.. Why don’t you surprise me with your favourite spot?

Ahh I love everything, so hard to choose just one!

But if I have to, I am obsessed with Tempura everything. Especially tempura prawns yummmm!

Would love to try Tempura Hajime in South Melbourne. Take me? 😘


It should be a crime to pass up dessert. And on that note, lets get two so we can try more